PCD Of Dermatological Products

PCD Of Dermatological Products

PCD of Dermatological Products means providing Propaganda cum Distribution rights to the Franchise holdets. This is a medical license in the India, which is known to provide global level skin care solutions at realistic prices. Medcureorganics becomes a powerful unit in the demographic industry making new formulas and making significant progress in skin care. The strength of the large forces is their belief that it has emerged from the endless focus on high quality products in its partners and their medical product franchsing And innovative packaging. We are entitled to vote in India as the leader of this business. Attending a broad user our pharmacy license includes skin care soap, skin care serums, skin care shampoo, skin care medicine at reasonable prices.
We have been one of the main manufacturers of medicines in India for corporate oversight competitions. We have a particular reputation for high quality medical ethics. We do a range of Derma product manufacturing along with Franchise distribution, such as skin care products, medication, skin cleansing products and all skin forms. We welcome all friends and colleagues to work with us in a balanced and beneficial way.

We are leading pharmaceutical company looking for distributors and franchise partners throughout India.
We have our most well-developed infrastructure to help us create a very effective range. Despite this we will also be making perfect packages for the range of medicines to ensure that customers reach customers in the right conditions. Our main aim is to take the campaign forward with the aim of caring for patients in the integrated health system.

We are also doing third party manufacturing for :

  • Derma Moisturizers range
  • Derma Feminine care products
  • Derma Anti-allergics
  • Derma Sunscreens
  • Derma Anti-aging range
  • Derma Skin-Lightening range
  • Derma for Eczema products
  • Derma for Dermatitis products
  • Derma for Psoriasis Products
  • Derma for Melasma Products
  • Derma for Hyperpigmentation
  • Derma for Acne products
  • Derma products
  • Dermatological products
  • Dermatology Products

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