1. Rate will be net priced as per price list & all invoices will be generated strictly on advance payment.
  2.  ONE Visual aid per territory will be provided free of cost with first order (Minimum Rs 20,000) and also on annual basis. If any Franchise wishes to have more than ONE Visual Aid, it will be provided on Cost to company rate.
  3. Product Glossaries/Reminder Cards & any other printed material for Promotion purpose will be provided free of cost.
  4. Any franchise who wishes to have physician samples will be provided with stickers of PHYSICIAN SAMPLE-NOT FOR SALE.
  5. Any Franchise who wishes to get Visiting Cards for their internal communication purpose can ask for a CDR format and get it printed locally.
  6. The Franchise will be required to reach a minimum sale of Rs. 30,000/- for a Non Metro Territory, 45,000 per month for Mini-Metro & 60,000 per month for a Metro Territory. This clause will commence after 3 months of your taking distributorship/franchise & thereafter to achieve a rise of 20% in sales every year. In case of failing to do so the company has complete right to cancel the distributorship/franchise.
  7. In clause no. 6, Metro Territory includes: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Mini-Metro include: Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, Indore, Calicut, Trichur, Nagpur, Cuttack, Coimbatore, Kurnool, Vizianagaram, Surat, Lucknow, Bhubaneshwar, Vadodara, Raipur, Patna & Chandigarh. And rest to be included in Non Metro Territory.
  8. In case of failing to purchase continuously for three months the company has complete right to cancel the distributorship/franchise after mutual discussion with the franchise.
  9. All taxes/Transportation/Freight will be borne by the franchise.
  10. Territory restrictions will be binding and the franchise will have to operate within the given area only. Any change/extension regarding an area will done only after official confirmation letter/E-mail through the Director/CEO Medcure Organics Pvt. Ltd.(Mr. Vasu Agarwal)
  11. If in case any drugs is banned by the government of India, after the invoice has been raised, Such good will not be given any credit note.
  12. If in case any drugs comes under DPCO, after the invoice has been raised, such goods will not be given any credit note
  13. Inter-territory stock movement (infiltration) from areas other than allocated to a franchise is strictly prohibited. Any information/Complaint regarding Infiltration will be taken on a very serious note. In such case, either the analysis will be done at corporate office or a special analysis team will be appointed who would visit the concerned area and will be authorized to ask for all billing details done by the Distributor to a stockist/retailer/doctors. If found suspected/indulging in the same will lead to immediate cancellation of your franchise/Distributorship. A franchise should also keep a strict vigilance/analysis of their stockist and even prescription watch of their dispensing doctors, who in some cases do such things. Legal Action can also be taken in case of infiltration issues.
  14. A franchise is not authorized to further give marketing rights to any other person in or outside your area.
  15. No refund will be given for any damage caused to goods during transportation/after delivery of Goods.
  16. Goods (Unsold, Non-moving, Expired) once sold will not be taken back under any circumstances unless some proven problem arises related to manufacturing.
  17. If a franchise finds any goods in open or torn condition on receiving don’t take the delivery unless the quantity mentioned in the bill is matching with the physical stock verified. If shortages are found occasionally, immediately report to the company with due proof.
  18. Any complaint regarding Quality will be taken into note and will be further forwarded to manufacturer once a distributor/franchise submits a Quality report (COA) from a reputed authorized National laboratory.
  19. If a franchise doesn’t have a GST number and Drug license on his/her name, he/she can work using a drug license of some other stockist etc. of that particular area. Goods will be strictly sent on the address mentioned on the drug license. The franchise will be the key person representing that stockist on whose address the billing will be done. In such case, the franchise will have to provide the company with details of the stockist through a stockist appointment letter which will be given by the company.
  20. The management will have right to change the price (MRP & Net rate) of products in case of any increase in the price of raw material/circumstances beyond control or any other legal or statutory obligation/taxes.
  21. Any dealings/NOC matters with Local State /National Chemist/Stockist Association, if required shall be managed by you at your own cost.
  22. All legal matters/issues are subject to the jurisdiction area at AGRA only.\
  23. The Franchise is requested to submit this Franchise agreement cum Terms & Conditions copy as well as the distributor/Franchise Detail form along with a signature for the first billing.