Common Summer Season Problems & How to Prevent Them

Common Summer Season Problems & How to Prevent Them

Summer is a great time to plan an outing or a trip. And yet, it brings a lot of skin issues alongside it.

The summer season will result in general damage to our skin because of high temperature and moistness. It is the peak time for those itchy and crawly sensations, because of the extreme sweating that pulls in the dust particles and contaminations. The harsh rays and the harmful toxins that possess the air, irritated by profuse sweating, can prompt a few skin illnesses. This blog discusses a couple of such typical skin diseases. In this way, look at them to dodge or prevent further harm by using derma skin products franchise.


Your body sweats more during summers to keep the internal heat level low. This triggers the sebaceous organ to create more oil to keep your skin damp. The oil lumps the skin pores and marks acne.

Back acne can be intensified by working out or sweating more in the summer. Different reasons, as panthenol in your hair conditioner, can likewise be an offender for causing back breakouts.

Heat rash

When your sweat organs are blocked, you can wind up with a rash and irritated little knocks. Heat rash leaves typically in a couple of days all alone, yet you need to see your doctor if it endures or declines or if you have signs of infection.

Although it tends to be irritating, it usually vanishes all alone inside a couple of days. You can limit your risk of creating heat rash by abstaining from utilizing heavy creams or ointments on your skin during the hot months and by wearing free, light color clothes.

Contact Dermatitis

The most widely recognized reasons for contact dermatitis are poison ivy and poison oak. The oil from the plants causes the rash, and it frequently shows up where you contacted the plant; however, if you have oil on your hands or garments and touch a part of your body, the rash can show up there also. Minimize your risk by wearing long jeans and long sleeves. Wash your clothes when you go inside. Over-the-counter hydrocortisone creams manufactured by dermatology companies in India as a rule help decrease the itch.

Overexposure of sun

Using sunscreen is fundamental to protect your skin from the dangerous rays of the sun. However, there might be times when you neglect to reapply, or you miss a zone, and you end up with a burn from the sun, which can bring about redness, tingling, and stripping.

Make sure to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 before going outside, and keep some with you to reapply for the day. After-sun lotions with aloe can help decrease the stinging impacts of burn from the sun.

Dry and Irritated Skin

As a complexity, when outdoor air is hot and sticky, you can even now have dry, irritated skin.

The highest culprits are investing time in the sun, pool, water stops, and air-conditioning.

Simple Home Remedies for Rashes

• Fill an ice pack or plastic bag with ice or hose a cloth with cold water.

• Place a material over your skin (never place ice directly on your skin).

• Hold on your skin until tingling or pain dies down.

• Repeat varying.

Prevention of Prickly Heat

Treatments and remedies for prickly heat include:

• Calamine moisturizer

• Topical steroids

• Anhydrous lanolin

• Wearing loose-fitting clothing

• Avoiding skin items that contain petroleum or mineral oil

The best method to prevent prickly heat is to avoid circumstances that cause unreasonable sweating. If you realize you will be in a hot or humid climate, wear baggy cotton clothing.

When you exercise outside, pick gear that will wick moisture away from your skin. Take cold showers frequently and again when you’re visiting hot and sticky atmospheres.

Prickly heat can be treated naturally by calamine lotion. It very well may be applied to the affected area to cool the skin. Hydrocortisone cream by derma pharma franchise in a low dose can likewise cause the sentiment of itching to subside.

When to Contact a Doctor?

Contact your doctor if one of these rashes perseveres and keeps you from sleeping, working, or unwinding. But it’s distinctive for poison ivy. Generally, it merits reaching your doctor to get a medicine quality prescription that will improve your symptoms.


Be well prepared by making the talked about precautionary steps or develop with the cures close by before that searing summer shows its evil consequences for your skin. Making these skin healthcare tips a part of your daily schedule improves your looks and guarantees your skin incredible health until the end of time. Stay happy and self-assured of not experiencing any skin diseases in any event, during the peak summers this time!

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